1.1 Drivers must be compliant with the rulebook throughout all PSR events.

1.2 Drivers must not degrade the league or members on social media, or in general – grounds of automatic expulsion.

1.3 Drivers must have active participation in the league – removal may be given with lack of participation.

1.4 Drivers must at least be the age of 16 to compete in the league.

1.5 Drivers must have a decent profile and do not have a bad name within the iRacing community.

1.6 Drivers must keep the same car number throughout the entire season.

1.7 There will be no lucky dogs or wave arounds given, iRacing makes the call unless an Admin deems it necessary.


1.8 30 drivers may take time, 24 drivers will fill the feature field based on time – 6 will go home.

1.9 Track conditions will be 0% for practice, 30% for qualifying, and 40% for the feature.

2.1 Drivers must race respectfully, but competitively.

2.2 Drivers must remain calm if they are involved in an accident

2.3 Drivers who are found to be too aggressive may be given an end of line (EOL) penalty.

2.4 Wave arounds and penalties will be decided by iRacing’s system. We will not be clearing flags unless an Admin deems it necessary

2.5 You are expected to act professionally during races.

2.6 If you cause three cautions, you will be disqualified.


2.7 Drivers who are in pit road once the race is under green must inform the field they are returning to the track and wait until the track is clear.

3.1 Drivers are expected to have a decent connection throughout the season.

3.2 Drivers with connection issues will be given an EOL.

3.3 Drivers with consistant connection issues will be given penalties – and eventually expulsion.

3.4 Do understand, with connection issues during a race, you may be disqualified.

4.1 Drivers are expected to have a clear, working microphone during the race.

4.2 Drivers entering pit road under green flag conditions must use voice chat to inform other drivers.

4.3 Drivers must use their voice chat for main communication.

4.4 For qualifying, voice chat will be disabled.

4.5 For the feature, voice chat must remain to a minimum – too much voice chat can result in a penalty.

P1 – Warning, driver will be supervised the next race.
P2 – 1 week suspension.
p3 – 2 week suspension & -10 points off season standings.
P4 – 3 Week suspension & -50 points off season standings.
P5 – Expulsion.

Finishing Position Points Awarded
1st 40
2nd 39
3rd 38
4th 37
5th 36
6th 35
7th 34
8th 33
9th 32
10th 31
11th 30
12th 29
13th 28
14th 27
15th 26
16th 25
17th 24
18th 23
19th 22
20th 21
21st 20
22nd 19
23rd 18
24th 17
25th 16
26th 15
27th 14
28th 13
29th 12
30th 11
31st – 40th: 5 points for showing, will not make feature 5

Finishing Position Points Awarded
1st 150
2nd 146
3rd 144
4th 142
5th 140
6th 138
7th 136
8th 134
9th 132
10th 130
11th 128
12th 126
13th 124
14th 122
15th 120
16th 118
17th 116
18th 114
19th 112
20th 110
21st 108
22nd 106
23rd 104
24th 102
25th – 30th: 50 points for showing, will not make feature 50